Newsletter week 4 Term 4, 2020

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Invitation – Blessing of our New Innovative Learning Environment


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COVID19 Level 1 Announcement

Covid Level 1 Announcement

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Term 2 Covid19 update 2020

Covid update T2, 2020

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Data Display

Room 7 have been learning how to display information on pictographs. Can you tell what their favourite fruit is?  

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Exploring at the Maritime Museum

Rooms 2 and 8 visited the Maritime Museum during Term 2. They saw lots of boats in the harbour and sailed on a waka. It took them under the Auckland Harbour Bridge where they saw [...]

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Art and Poetry

Room 1 students have created doodle artworks and written poems to match them.   One quick flick, One sharp click, One small bulb of light Scares away the big dark night. And that is where he'll [...]

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Writing to Persuade

Authentic writing tasks are so meaningful. This term Room 2 students were given the task of writing persuasive texts to encourage customers to come to their stall on Market Day to buy their products. Here [...]

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Inspired by ‘Captain Underpants’

The students in Room 2 have really enjoyed and been motivated by the Captain Underpants books.   They have also watched a YouTube video which gave step by step instructions on how to draw Captain Underpants. Here [...]

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Personal Passion Projects

Room 5 students have been doing 'Personal Passion Projects' this term. Each student had to research a topic that interested them, such as snakes or volcanoes, and then create a visual display to showcase their [...]

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